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A social, educational and campaigning group formed in 2002

We're also on Facebook, with over 900 members at present, and much lively discussion. Vegans, vegetarians, or anyone interested in the vegan way of life, are all very welcome at any meetings or events, or in our Facebook group. If you'd like to go on our EMAIL LIST to receive occasional news of future events please email us at


Events, News & Notices

Swansea Vegan Festival 2016 will be held at the Brangwyn Hall on Saturday 16th July. This is Swansea Vegfest (held in 2014/2015) under a slightly different name, and at a larger venue -  see also the Swansea Vegfest section further below (for stall enquiries please email swanseavegfest@yahoo.co.uk).
Welsh Vegan Festival in Cardiff  New event, Sunday 25th September 2016. Details here. 
Vegan Christmas Market (Swansea's first, organised by the Swansea Vegfest team) took place in December 2015 and was a great success, with around 1,800 people attending - see photos opposite. The second photo shows Deby McCloy with Shirley & George Barwick (George founded Swansea Vegans in 2002). More photos from the event on our Facebook group here
New vegan café in Swansea!  Opened October 2015. Urban Zen yoga studio and café, 2 Little Gam Street (short walk from the bus station). Usually open every day mid morning to mid afternoon (but times can vary). Tel: 07734 105301. Menu, details and photos here.
Teen VGN Summer Camp 14-19 August 2016 at Margam Discovery Centre, near Swansea. Social network for young vegetarians and vegans. Details here. [Also the Vegan Camp, for all ages, is scheduled for Abercrave, north of Swansea, in summer 2017.]
Xmas Market 2015

Deby Shirley George
Swansea Vegfest  After two successful events in May 2014 and June 2015 Swansea Vegfest are planning for 2016 (Sat July 16th at the Brangwyn Hall), and thinking about putting on other events too. Photo right shows some of the crowd in 2015 (larger than expected!) at the Environment Centre venue. Below that, the team of helpers. Deby & Karen McCloy (in the centre of that photo) were featured in the July 2015 issue of Vegan Life magazine, see below.
The Swansea Vegfest website has more photos (in the Gallery section) - and there's a Facebook page too. The Vegfest photos on the right are by Tom Fairchild.       
Vegan Life                               

Carmarthen Vegans hold regular meetings. They put on 'Meet & Greet' events with food and entertainment, currently three times a year.
Also lunchtime meals at the Waverley restaurant on the first Saturday of every month - and regular walks/picnics in the warmer months (usually on Sundays). Contact 07539 356791 (text only) or see their Facebook group.
Photo is from the Summer 2015 'Meet & Greet' event in July 2015, which over 40 people attended.
Carmarthen Vegans
Vegetarian for Life are a UK-based charity whose mission is to help older vegans and vegetarians with advice and support (and sometimes small grants), whether living in a care home or in their own home. More details on their website.
Eating out in Swansea  Eat Out Vegan Wales list many places for vegans to eat out in the Swansea area and elsewhere in Wales - please email them if you can help by updating or adding to any of the information they give. They have also published a free Vegan South Wales guides, as well as a very detailed guide to organising free vegan food fayres which is based on their experience over the past ten years. See also Vegan Café 4 the Day at the bottom of this page (an event organised by Eat Out Vegan Wales in Mumbles in 2012).


Naturally Kind Food is a small business in Swansea selling delicious vegan cakes and treats. See their website or Facebook page or contact Andrew Norton 01639 699185. The photo shows Black Forest cheesecake.

Fancy That Bakery is another small local 100% vegan business, run by Karen McCloy. See website or Facebook page or contact her on 07891 040393. Karen is also one of the Swansea VegFest organisers. Photo shows her at Swansea's Green Fayre in 2015.Fancy That Bakery

Mr Nice Pie (previously Fruits de la Terre) have stalls at various markets in Swansea and South Wales, selling very popular vegan pies, burgers, etc. See their website

Events in general  In the recent past Swansea Vegans have put on a variety of events - the usual social meetings with pot luck meals, occasional discussions/talks, picnics/walks in the summer, and so on. And now and again we've tagged along with other existing environmental-type events, or connected with other local groups. In 2011 we also showed the new Vegan Society film Making the Connection at the Environment Centre, and visited Tony Martin's forest garden in Ystradgynlais.
    At the moment we're arranging fewer meetings, but if anyone has
suggestions about future events (or anything else), or would like to organise something, then please do get in touch. 
    Check our Facebook group regularly for occasional small get-togethers or other events/meetings that may be of interest. For example, some Swansea Vegans Facebook members met up at Coffee Punks in Swansea in January 2016 (more meetings are planned), and there have been occasional small meet ups in Llanelli, while others arranged a Christmas meal at Govinda's in 2014.


The UK Vegan Society is the place to go for basic and more detailed information on veganism - see for example their publications & video page (which includes a useful catering guide for hospitals should you ever find yourself in one, see downloads section).

The Vegan Society's film Making the Connection can be seen online at the 
Environment Films website. It's 30 minutes long, and features a variety of vegans talking about their diets and lifestyles (a chef, MP, dietitian, athlete, young mother, and several others). It's also on YouTube, where it's split into eight chapters. If you're interested in showing the film to a group of people you can get a free DVD from Environment Films (or from the Vegan Society).

Vegan Life Magazine (the first vegan magazine available on the high street) launched in 2014, and is available in WH Smith and some supermarkets. Food and recipe oriented but with features on other vegan related topics too.

Some local vegans are also active in national groups, including the Vegan Organic Network (growing food the vegan way), Vegfam (a charity based near Llandovery, feeding the hungry without exploiting animals) and MCL (Movement for Compassionate Living, based in Ystalyfera and promoting environmental veganism).  

Past Events

Picnic 2013
Swansea Vegans summer picnics 
Around 20 people came to our 'potluck' picnics in Clyne Gardens in both 2013 and 2014. Photo (by Robyn Godfrey) is from the 2013 picnic.
Saving the World with your Knife and Fork  About 35 people attended the talk and cookery demonstration at the Environment Centre in Swansea in March 2013. Tony Wardle from Viva! gave the talk, and Helen Rossiter and Jane Easton the cookery demonstration. Photos below by Dave Martin.
Tony, Helen & Jane

Viva! meeting
Helen and Jane

The photos below were taken at the Vegan Café 4 the Day event in Mumbles in July 2012, organised by Eat Out Vegan Wales, at which Swansea Vegans had a literature stall run by George & Shirley Barwick (photo on right). Around ten volunteers from the Eat Out Vegan Wales group worked hard all day, serving an estimated 200-300 people (mostly non vegans) with free food and drinks. This was their fourth Vegan Café 4 the Day event, following on from successful days in Bangor, Aberystwyth and Llangollen in 2011/12. 

EatOut photo 1
Eat Out photo (4)Eat Out photo (3)
    Eat Out photo (2)


Veganism is a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude - as far as is possible and practical - all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals.